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$5 off Caroli men's guards

$5 off Caroli men\'s guards

Men's Incontinence Guards, Level 2 Absorbency are the best choice if what you’re looking for is the most discreet urinary guard that still provides protection against heavy leakage. Laminated clothes protector lets you stay dry. Its laminated protective backing protects your underwear and makes sure no fluids escape. For discreet and on-the-go use, Caroli’s Incontinence Guards for Men are completely unnoticeable when attached, and each comes individually wrapped in a non-transparent pouch for subtle use. 

Non-woven laminated PE-film backsheet is extremely breathable

Odor-blocking technology means all odors are efficiently kept in and neutralized by this underwear's powerful 2-in-1 core

Designed for men taking special care to be able to adapt to their anatomy perfectly

Individually wrapped in non-transparent pouch for maximum subtlety

Air permeable top layer of fabric does not irritate the skin, as confirmed by dermatologic testing

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Stays securely fixed onto underwear as long as you need. Adheres directly to your underwear, and stays attached until you want it off, its flexible body makes sure it doesn't slip around at all. Available in 9” x 11” dimensions.

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