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Save 50% on Byonix cosmetics

Save 50% on Byonix cosmetics

New to Bionyx and unable to visit one of our retailers? We are now offering our prospective customers 2 complimentary sachets of our Platinum Essential Day Cream. Limit one set per customer, shipping to U.S. residents only. Sample requests from outside the Unites States will not be fulfilled.

Bionyx is a luxury purveyor of colloidal platinum-infused face and body products. We strive to encourage a lifestyle that promotes self-care and wellbeing through routine maintenance and a splash of indulgence. Just click here !

Platinum has always been in high demand when it comes to jewelry, but like many other exotic metals, this wondrous element has also found its way into the world of skincare. Bionyx brings you a luxurious range of skin products that transform the way you look at skincare. By adding colloidal platinum into the products, Bionyx ensures that skincare isn’t just beneficial, but is something to look forward to.

Bionyx combines scientifically researched ingredients with new and innovative trends to bring you luxury skincare collections that enhance, refine, and define the appearance of the complexion. By carefully selecting our ingredients and developing formulations that are highly effective without compromising luxury, Bionyx ensures that each application brings you closer to the complexion of your dreams.

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