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Answers to common questions about Vouchers avenue survey panel


What happens when I sign up?


You will receive a welcome email to confirm your e-mail address, and you will get updates on new surveys to take and make money afterward.


When will I receive my first survey?


When you have confirmed your membership you will become a full member of Vouchers Avenue and in a couple of days to a few weeks, you will receive your first survey.


What do I have to do after signing up?


When you sign up, make sure to fill out the information in your account to get more personalized surveys.


How long are the surveys?


The survey takes approximately 5 minutes and if you successfully complete it, your account will be credited.


How can I redeem my credit?


You have different ways to redeem your credited account. For example Amazon gift cards, G-codes, or through your Paypal account.


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